Cisal is the outstanding example of an independent and fully integrated Italian manufacturer, performing the complete production cycle, characterised by innovative technology and management solutions. Cisal is now one of the leading innovators in the industry and is very conscience about the efficient use of resources, water and energy, and focuses on the continuous development of innovative products with regard to design, materials, function and performance. Thanks to collaboration with international designers such as Karim Rashid, Giampiero Peia, Raffaella Vecchi, Nevio Tellatin and Marco Poletti, the Collections masterfully combine aesthetics, functionality and reliability.


Founded in 1952 by Liborio Soldi and named CISAL, the company has gone through all the epic seasons of taps where Cusio has been the protagonist since the beginning.


In 1980 the Architect Rafaella Vecchi, designed the ARCANA series, a classical and historical icon that opens up new horizons in foreign markets, which also led to the establishment of a branch office in Germany in 1991.


The first single handle ceramic disc cartridge was developed internally by Daniele Sirini and his team. The glorious history of Cisal mixer taps begins with the new BLITZ series.


In 1999, a new building designed by the architect Giampiero Peia was built and is equipped with modern cogeneration and plating plants along with an electronic warehouse. Here, using the most advanced technologies in the industry, product design and the engineering of the part and the finished product are in continuous development.


In 2009 the Huber family, owner of Huber, a leading manufacturer ofthermostatic mixers, decided to makea strategic choice for the future, byacquiring Cisal and providing thecompany with an absolutely successfultechnological and industrial developmentformat: to combine know-how, experienceand production capacities in order tooffer designers and customers a wideand complete range of single lever andtraditional thermostatic mixing products.


Architect Fabio Rotella joining the teamin 2016: as the brand art director, hedeveloped the “CISALAtelier” concept,a creative network which, throughresearch and experimentation, will beused on projects of key products thanksto their authentic appeal.


Cisal represents an important chapter in the history of Italian taps.

A long tradition of ingenuity,skill and professionalism, identified and enhanced in respect and consideration for humans andthe territory: Lake Orta, the area where taps have been made for generations, has a heritage ofcraftsmanship and a culture of Italian know-how.


Water is the essential element for the human being - and controlling it has been important since ancient times.

The tap, dispenser of this vital liquid of which we use daily, is a functional and necessary product, but it can also be asophisticated, precious accessory as well that plays an increasingly important role in the bathroom environment. Since itsorigin, Cisal’s wide range of collections have always been characterized by formal research related to design. Recently,with the integration of the expertise of the cisal family, Cisal has elevated its already high levels of quality and prestigeeven further, establishing itself internationally as a major interpreter of the bathroom and kitchen industry.

Architect Fabio Rotella joining the team in 2016: as the brand art director, he developed the “CISALAtelier” concept,a creative network which, through research and experimentation, will be used on projects of key products thanks to theirauthentic appeal.

“During these years of great change, in an international context that is becoming more sophisticated and is constantlyevolving, Cisal, with its new strategic vision, aims to develop and enhance its image, making it unique and recognizable,and to globally increase the perception of its products and innovations.

New materials, new finishes, new details and new technologies to control and preserve water. Cisal is a cutting-edge,future-oriented Italian company that is rich in tradition and is increasingly aware of the expectations of designers andusers, and the preservation of the essential element of our planet: water.”

Fabio Rotella


The Rubinetteria Cisal is UNI member (Italian National Board for Standardization)
The Rubinetteria Cisal is one of the firms representing the Italian Delegation at the CEN (European Commitee for Standardization).
The Cisal products are in compliance with the following quality standards:

The Quality System of Cisal is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

EN 200 Sanitary fittings – General regulations of the traditional faucets and single lever mixers.

EN 817 Sanitary fittings – Mechanical single lever mixers – General technical specifications.

ANSI/NSF61 section 9 Drinking water system components health effects - Mechanical plumbing devices..

ASME A112.18.1 Plumbing supply fittings

ASSE 1016 Performance Requirements for Automatic Compensating Valves for Individual Showers and Tub/Showers Combinations.

DIN 4109 Protection against the noise in the buildings.

ISO 3822 Acoustics - Measurement - in laboratory - of the acoustic emission of the sanitary fittings and hydraulic devices used in the water supply's plants.